Description of Our Firm

Salem & Green's attorneys practice primarily in the areas of business development, business transactions and healthcare regulation. Salem & Green's clients have included hospital systems, physician groups, optimal health companies, and software, real estate and management organizations, from start-up to SEC-registered companies. Salem & Green often serve as general counsel to businesses with complex legal needs, requiring it to coordinate the services of attorneys outside of our firm who practice in diverse specialties.

Our most satisfying client relationships often involve business organizations who value:

  • goal-focused advice from consultants,
  • a business-minded outlook,
  • crisp decision-making, and
  • faithful observance of deadlines and other commitments.


While we are entrusted with specific tasks, we strive to maintain focus on our clients' overall objectives, both short-term and long-term. We are not satisfied with results that merely fulfill expectations on a specific task entrusted to us. Instead, we seek to ensure that the solutions we identify not only resolve the issue at hand, but contribute to the realization of our clients' goals.

Business-Minded Outlook

We do not shy away from answering questions such as, "What would you do in my place?" We do not disengage from such questions, and are not reluctant to weigh business as well as legal factors in formulating advice.

Crisp Decision-Making

We do not engage in endless research or indefinite fact-gathering. We recognize that decisions must often be made on the basis of limited information, and that legal budgets will not permit interminable legal research. Our bias is in favor of action.


We strive to keep our word. We try to be realistic and frank about deadlines and budgets, and do not undertake obligations that we cannot fulfill.

We only work in areas where we believe that we are top performers. We do not seek to meet all of our clients' legal service needs through our own personnel. Our clients' needs encompass areas outside of our expertise far more often than they do not, and we are not reluctant to refer our clients to other law firms and to other types of consultants.

We are skilled in identifying and managing attorneys and other experts whom we believe to be well-suited to meet a specific need. Our approach is opposite to the approach of many large law firms that seek to retain as much of their clients' business within their firms as possible.

We believe that our clients are best served by our willingness to treat talented lawyers outside of our firm as valued colleagues. Salem & Green may not be a good match for your business if you feel it is important to purchase all needed legal services from a single source.